Monday, December 9, 2013

Benefits of Maca for Women: Maca Will Make Your Butt Bigger and More Important Benefits of Maca

Benefits of Maca for Women: Maca Will Make Your Butt Bigger and More Important Benefits of Maca Maca for women is beneficial in several ways. Here are the benefits of maca for women below: 1. Maca improves your good mood. If you have winter blues or are irritable because of PMS, maca will increase your good mood. 2. Maca does make your butt bigger. I know this firsthand because I used it and one of my relatives used it and both of us saw results. Some people say that maca makes your breasts bigger;I don't know about this but maca makes your butt bigger for certain. If you seriously want a bigger butt, use maca. If you use it with Periactin (prescribed by your doctor), you will look like Kim K. (Kim Kardashian), Nicki Minaj, etc. Periactin increases appetite and works fantastically with maca to help you get that hourglass shape you want. 3. Maca relieves the symptoms of PMS: the irritability, fatigue, mood swings, etc. 4. Menopausal symptoms also are relieved by taking maca. One customer got her mother to begin taking maca to relieve her menopausal symptoms. 5. Fatigue is relieved by using maca. A North Carolina customer used it and raved about how maca helped her have more energy. 6. Panic attacks are cured by taking maca along with using hawthorne berries and another herb. A guy had panic attacks and used maca and hawthorne berries and the other herb (I have to find the other herb in an old blog--sorry folks) to get to the point where he was able to stop using the panic attack medication. 7. Increased fertility is another benefit of maca for women. Even doctors who are fertility experts are now letting their patients take maca with Clomid, a well-known fertility drug. Fertility is a benefit of maca for women. 8. Increased sex drive. Got low sex drive? You need maca to increase your sex drive. I had a customer in Chicago who was laughing at her husband because she wanted sex more often once she started using maca (she had ordered it for a different reason). But if you use maca and start looking like Kim K. (Kim Kardashian) or Nicki Minaj, then he (your hubby) will have a higher sex drive anyway. 9. Maca regulates your hormones naturally. Want maca? Order here. Just click the buttons and you will be redirected to a secure paypal window to complete your order. Please note that there are two sizes available and you save if you buy maca in the large size, especially if you buy maca (2 bottles). Order now--the 2 bottle special is a limited time offer!!!
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Maca and Herb Shop: Maca and Clomid Q and As or Clomid Q and As continued plus Maca Answers

Clomid Q and As Continued and Maca Answers Here are Clomid Q and As and Maca Answers; Clomid is reduced in price by 50%---see below. Clomid is on sale, so check the buttons at the bottom. Maca Answers are first: 1. The phone number given in the blog is no longer the contact number. Please contact via this email address ohhsamiam for information. Sorry that there is not a number currently available. 2. Will maca make your stomach bloat temporarily? Yes, some ladies have temporary bloating when they first take maca. Take Beano, available in some supermarkets and any health food store, to stop this. It is temporary for some women. It goes away after about a week; two in unusual cases. 3. Does maca increase your fertility? Yes, maca does increase fertility. As a matter of fact, some fertility doctors are now having patients on clomid also take maca as well. Maca interacts safely with clomid since it is a vegetable. See previous maca posts to understand what maca is. 3. Can a seventeen year old take maca? Yes, but not if she only recently began menstruating. If your menstrual cycles just began, wait a year before taking maca and wait for your body to have its hormonal issues settle down first. 4. Is Clomid only for women over 35? No, any woman can use it. I mentioned Halle Berry because of her age being a few years above what is normally expected as typical child bearing years. 5. Can clomid cause any serious ailments? No, but check with your doctor before using it because if you are already on a medication, you need to be sure that they interact safely. Also read the product literature on Clomid. Make sure that you are not already pregnant when beginning to take clomid. 6. Will there be a special on Clomid so that I can buy Clomid for less? Yes, there is now a special for Clomid on the bottom of this page. Clomid is temporarily 50% off; hurry and buy Clomid now. 7. When will maca and the other products from the blog be available again? Check again around Dec. 9, 2013. The normal buttons for payment will be included, and the same low prices. Clomid is not produced by me which is why it is higher priced than the normal products. However, clomid on this blog is lower priced than you will find it at CVS, Rite Aid, etc. In some drug stores, clomid is $50.00US for each course. Buy Clomid here:
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Maca and Herb Shop: Clomid and Halle Berry; Clomid Q and As

Maca and Herb Shop: Clomid and Halle Berry Clomid Q and As In another post, Clomid is mentioned as a way that women over 40 can get pregnant---actually women in their 30s even have fertility problems. Halle Berry, who is 47 is pregnant, and I wonder if she used Clomid to get pregnant. Halle Berry and you can give birth to beautiful babies next year, God willing, if you just try Clomid. Clomid Q and As: 1. Do I have to be in my 40s to use clomid? No. Any woman can use clomid. Halle Berry is mentioned because many women over 42 cannot conceive, much less carry a pregnancy to term. 2. Will clomid make me fat? No. I used clomid and didn't gain a pound. 3. Will clomid increase my appetite? No. clomid doesn't increase my appetite. 4. Why do I have to take clomid in courses ---five tablets each month? You use clomid during your menstrual cycle. 5. Is it okay to use it, that is, do doctors recommend it? Yes, it is prescribed regularly by doctors. 6. How many courses should I take as a maximum? Four courses maximum---this equals four months at only five small tablets per month. 7. Are these small tablets easy to swallow? Yes, I was surprised at how small they were and they were easy to swallow. 8. Do they cause indigestion or diarrhea? No. 9. Is clomid usually priced at your stated prices? Yes, this is actually less than what you will find if you shop at CVS or Rite Aid for prescription medication. Fertility problems are costly. A complete course of clomid can cost $100 for just one course. Fertility doctors are amongst the highest paid physicians in the US. 10. Is the payment site a secure website? Yes. Only paypal is used and is accepted worldwide as a third party payment site. Your debit card, credit card or checking account information is never seen. 11. When do you ship? Shipment should arrive within one to three weeks of your completed order. Check payments take longer to process and complete because your check must clear before paypal will okay shipping out the order.
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If you have questions about Clomid or other products, please post but read the Q and As first since your question may be answered.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Maca and Herb Shop: Increase Fertility and Join Halle Berry

Maca and Herb Shop: Increase Fertility and Join Halle Berry Increase fertility and join Halle Berry? Yes, just read on. Halle Berry is pregnant and over 40. You can get an increase in your fertility even if you are near menopause like Halle Berry is. Click the link below to buy Clomid to increase your fertility. If you read the post, Make A Baby, you will know what I am talking about. Clomid is used by doctors to increase women's fertility. Buy Clomid and you will probably get pregnant by your fourth course of Clomid, if not sooner. Clomid doesn't make you gain weight or cause problems with indigestion. The package literature will tell you exactly how to use it. You just simply buy the Clomid, take one course per month--which is just 5 easy to swallow tablets per month--once a day. You will only take it for 5 days--one per day. If you have Clomid questions, just post your question here or buy Clomid below if you understand how to use this. Buy Clomid. Infertility problems over.
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Maca and Herb Shop: Make a Baby!!!

Maca and Herb Shop Maca has many benefits including increasing fertility. Maca is a completely natural product, and now, doctors in the USA are even recommending using it if you are having fertility problems. Increasing fertility, no matter if you are over 42 years old, is something that becomes easier when you can use two products---maca and Clomid. Clomid has been used to increase fertility for a number of years, and now doctors are telling their patients to use maca with Clomid. Halle Berry is a woman over 42 years old who is pregnant---no small feat. Halle Berry is 47 as a matter of fact, but she is going to have a baby. Why did Halle Berry have no fertility problems? Did she do something to increase fertility? On top of her age, Halle Berry is also a diabetic. If you are a woman over 40, click the link below to order Clomid to increase your fertility. Gelatinized maca can be used to increase your chances of getting pregnant when used with Clomid. Clomid is a safe product that I have used personally (yes, I am over 40). I had no undesirable side effects. Some women do complain of slight vaginal dryness, but there is nothing unsafe about any of the contraindications mentioned in the product literature in the Clomid package. Clomid is taken is courses (5 tablets per course). You take one Clomid tablet daily per course. You can take Clomid according to the directions in the literature for Clomid. Clomid doesn't make you gain weight or cause other problems. You only use one course of Clomid per month, and the literature says that it is recommended to take up to 4 courses. To buy Clomid, click the link below. Halle Berry doesn't have to be the only women over 40 that you know that will have a baby, God willing. Buy Clomid and hopefully you will get pregnant when over 40, too. Halle Berry may have had Clomid to get pregnant since, biologically, women who are over 42 are perimenopausal. If Halle Berry is perimenopausal, the chances of miscarriage and of not getting pregnant increase dramatically. If you have baby fantasies, then buy Clomid today. Buy Clomid here. Click the button to select the desired amount of courses. The more attempts, the better your chances are of getting pregnant. God willing. Just click below.
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Maca and Herb Shop Benefits of Maca including Getting Nikki Minaj's Shape

Benefits of Maca including Getting Nikki Minaj's Shape There are always people who find out about maca for the first time, especially if they live outside the US and Japan. Maca is more widely known about in these two countries, but even in the US, people are still discovering maca, a fantastic plant which grows in Peru. In this blog post, discover how maca can help you look like Kim Kardashian or Nikki Minaj. Nikki Minaj is known for her curves, and you don't have to get dangerous butt injections to look like her or Kim Kardashian. What Maca Is Maca is a root vegetable which grows in the Andes Mountains of Peru. It's been used there for centuries and is even baked in cookies. It is not a drug and maca has no harmful side effects like drug medications can have. Benefits of Maca 1. Increased energy and stamina 2. Increased fertility in men and in women 3. Corrects hormone imbalances in women by making your hormones work more effectively 4. Gets rid of fatigue and customers have bought it for this purpose as well 5. Fights symptoms of PMS and premenopausal symptoms 6. Increased libido in men and in women 7. Increased size in buttocks for most women, regardless of whether they are in their 20s or premenopausal. Butt injections to look like Nikki Minaj or look like Kim Kardashian are played out. To many arrests have come behind injectors doing bad injections which have resulted in deaths in several instances. See a previous blog for related butt injection arrest stories. 8. Relieves panic attacks when used with rhodiola and hawthorne berries. Maca and these other herbs enabled a body builder to get rid of his medication for panic attacks. 9. Maca makes you much calmer and more able to deal with stress. You can buy maca express by just clicking the payment button below. Maca express includes maca and other all natural ingredients. You don't need butt injection shots which are painful and potentially dangerous to look like Kim Kardashian and Nikki Minaj. Click the button below to order 120 capsules of Maca Express. You will be redirected Paypal which is a secure payment site used by most people worldwide including eBay users. We will know none of your financial information because Paypal handles the financial transaction, not us.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maca And Herbs: NO Harmful Side Effects with Maca

Maca and Herbs: NO Harmful Side Effects with Maca One of my relatives takes high blood pressure medication, and he discovered that the medication depletes his potassium. In reality, high blood pressure medication depletes a number of minerals, not just potassium. Unfortunately, high blood pressure medication creates problems that the user never had before, and other medications can have this effect. Did you know that birth control pills depletes your body of vitamin C? Most women are not aware of this. Many women also don't realize that if they have varicose veins that they should not use birth control pills. Maca, on the other hand, is not a medication, so it has no harmful, long term side effects. Maca has only positive side effects over the long term. Here are side effects of maca: --increased libido when using maca --increased stamina --alleviates fatigue --maca reduces PMS symptoms and pre-menopausal/menopausal symptoms --balances hormones without chemicals --increased good mood --increases fertility --maca increases energy level in men and in women Other side effects of maca that are annoying, but temporary and harmless, are the following: --temporary bloating --very vivid dreams in some people (prevent this by not using maca after 6:30 pm) --gas in some people (treat by using either ginger--the root or ground ginger or by using Pepto Bismol or Beano) --temporary irritability (some women get irritable on maca for a couple of weeks---this is obviously hormone related since maca helps to balance your hormones) Other than these, maca is safe for the average healthy person. The only people who should not use maca are people who have seizures and those who have had hormone related cancer (for example, breast cancer). The new product line is slow in coming. We want to add another product and must order a few more items. This other product is something that is needed and you will love it. Once this is done, the new line will be complete, and we will inform you of how to order and more details. The other items in the line are ready and more need to be produced. Here is maca, but this is only for multiple orders (5 at a time). This button should be used if you need the maca shipped overnight. The shipping cost, therefore, is high with this button. If you need a regular order of maca (no overnight shipping needed and less than 5 bottles), contact me at